One Shot Over The Line

conflict journalists and trauma


a fully illustrated colour catalogue will be produced in conjunction with the exhibition. contributors include:

stuart hughes

stuart hughes is a world affairs producer with bbc news. for more than a decade he has covered some of the biggest global stories, from the conflicts in iraq, afghanistan and the middle east to the arab spring. in 2003, stuart lost his right leg to a mine in northern iraq. photojournalist kaveh golestan was killed in the same incident. stuart will contribute a highly personal account of his experiences receiving treatment for ptsd in 2009.

sebastian junger

sebastian junger is the author of four new york times bestselling books: the perfect storm, fire, a death in belmont, and war. as a contributing editor to vanity fair and as a contributor to abc news, he has covered major international news stories around the world, and has been awarded the national magazine award and an sais novartis prize for journalism. he has also written for such magazines as harper's, the new york times magazine, national geographic adventure, outside and men's journal. junger is the co-director and producer of the academy award nominated and sundance film festival grand jury prize winning documentary restrepo (2010) covering a platoon of us soldiers in the deadly korengal valley during their last deployment.

dr frank ochberg

dr frank ochberg is a leading trauma expert. former associate director of the national institute of mental health (usa), he helped to define the diagnostic conditions of ptsd and founded the dart center for journalism and trauma and the dart society. dr ochberg’s text is based on his three acts of trauma in news reporting, and will provide a clinical viewpoint.

additional contributors will be announced.